NO 62 (2019)

Table of Contents



Synthesis of Nonparametric Algorithms for Detection
of Radar Correlated Signals Against the Background of Markov Correlated Noise
I. G. Prokopenko. 9-15
Zhuliany Airport as a Possible Candidate for Ranging Integrity Monitoring Station Placement in Kyiv Region PDF 
Kondratiuk V. M., Konin V. V., Ilnytska S. I., Kutsenko O. V. 16-23
Kurtosis and Normalized Variance as Measures of Speech Signals Clipping Value PDF 
Prodeus A. М., Kotvytskyi I. V., Didkovska M. V., Kukharicheva 24-32
Synthrsis of Quadrotor Robust Guidance and Control System VIA Parameterization of All Stabilizing Н-infinity State-Feedback Gains PDF
Tunik A. A., Ilnytska S. I., Sushchenko O. A. 33-41
Optimization Tasks for Controlling an Ergatic Electric Power Systems PDF 
Churina O. Y. 42-46
Nanodevices with Programmable Logic PDF 
Melnyk O. S., Yurchyk I. I. 47-51
Experimental Investigation of Wind Energy Plant with Helicoidal Rotor PDF 
Sineglazov V. M., Daskal E. V., Ziganshin A. A. 52-57
Hybrid Neuron Networks Based on Q-, W- and Classical Neurons PDF 
Chumachenko O. I., Dychko S. T., Rizhiy A. R. 58-62
Algorithmic Support of the Visual Navigation System PDF 
Sineglazov V. M., Ischenko V. S. 63-67
An Accuracy of Location Line Maintaining by Angles at Limited Airspace Volume PDF 
Ostroumov I. V., Kuzmenko N. S. 68-74
Mutual Change of Acoustic Emission Statistical Energy Parameters at Treating Tool Wear PDF 
Filonenko S. F., Stakhova A. P. 75-82
Regenerative Electronic Load for Uninterruptible Power Source Testing PDF 
Statsenko O. V. 83-89
Modification of the Method of Least Squares PDF 
Silvestrov A. M., M’yakshylo О. М., Kryvoboka G. I. 90-95
Equations System Parameterization for the Radio Emission Sources Coordinates Determination PDF 
Manuylenko R. I., Pantyeyev R. L., Kozlov A. P., Opanasiuk Y. A. 96-103
Requirements for Articles PDF 
Publisher’s imprint PDF