NO 61 (2019)

Table of Contents


Synthesis and Effectivity Analysis of Robust Algorithms for Random Signal Detection in Non-Gaussian Interferences PDF 
I. G. Prokopenko, I. P. Omelchuk, K. I. Prokopenko, A. A. Osipchuk. 9-17
Orthogonal Multiples in Digital Processing Problems PDF 
Ya. D. Pyanylo. 18-23
Attitude Determination using Distances Measurements PDF 
L. M. Ryzhkov 24-28
Organization of Distributed Information Systems the Aviation Gas Turbine Engine PDF
S. S. Tovkach. 29-35
Synthesis of Majority Single-Electron Nanodevices with Memory PDF 
O. S. Melnyk, Y. V. Poliakov. 36-42
Computer-Aided Design of Hybrid Power Systems of Ukraine PDF 
V. M. Sineglazov, A. T. Kot. 43-49
Hybrid Relative Combined Pseudo-Entropy Function as a Tool for a Transport System Management PDF 
A. V. Goncharenko. 50-54
Piloting Quality Assessment Systems PDF 
Y. V. Hryshchenko, V. G. Romanenko, D. M. Pipa, A. I. Amelina. 55-60
The Elevator Parameters Study of Joined Wing Configuration in Term of Lift-to-Drag Ratio Losses Due to Trimming PDF 
K. O. Predachenko, O. L. Lemko. 61-67
Theoretical Bases for the Development of Chemosensitive Detecting Surface in Technical Devices for Environment Protection PDF 
V. N. Shutko, V. D. Zakhmatov, O. O. Kolganova, A. N. Mykolushko. 68-73
Microstrip Antennas for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Application PDF 
L. V. Sibruk, A. I. Chovgun, D. P. Bondarenko. 74-79
Microstrip Antennas for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Application  PDF 
O. A. Sushchenko, S. H. Yehorov. 80-85