No 58 (2018)


Assessment of Clipped Speech Quality PDF 
A. M. Prodeus, I. V. Kotvytskyi, A. A. Ditiashov 11–18
Features of Multiplicative Complementary Signal Constructions Based on Generalized Binary Barker Sequences PDF 
A. G. Holubnychyi 19–26
Methods for Improving the Data Reliability in Information and Control Systems PDF 
A. Al-Ammouri, H. A. Al-Ammori, A. E. Klochan, O. P. Tymchenko, A. Al-Ahmad 27–34
Comparison of Brief and ORB Binary Descriptors PDF
M. P. Mukhina, Yu. V. Trach, A. P. Prymak 35–41
Structural-Parametric Synthesis of the Direct Distribution Neural Networks with Sigmoid Piecewise-Type Neurons PDF 
Zgurovsky M. Z., Chumachenko O. I., Gorbatiuk V. S 42–47
Method of Determining the Accuracy Characteristics of the Satellite Navigation System PDF 
D. O. Shevchuk, M. P. Kravchuk, L. V. Panchuk, S. M. Galchenko 48–55
Fuzzy Automatic Control System Synthesis of the Propeller Fan the Aviation Gas Turbine Engine PDF 
S. V. Yenchev, T. А. Mazur, S. S. Tovkach 56–63
Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with Adjustable Blades  PDF 
V. M. Sineglazov, I. S. Shvaliuk 64–69
Basic Problems of Design of Redundant Noncollinear Configurations with Inertial Sensors PDF 
O. A. Sushchenko, V. O. Golitsyn 70–76
The Method of Dynamic Design of a Search Engine Based on Automated Analysis of User Requests PDF 
І. V. Kolomiets, L. M. Oleshchenko 77–82
Intelectual Approach to the Design of Wind Energy Plant Rotor Parameters PDF 
V. M. Sineglazov, S. A. Khok 83–88
Combination of Hough Transform and Canny Edge Detecor for Improvement of Linear Obect Detection Results  PDF 
M. P. Mukhina, V. Yu. Derkach, A. P. Prymak 89–94
Compensation of Quadratured Error in the Auto-Oscillation Micromechanical Gyroscope PDF 
M. K. Filyashkin, O. I. Chernyay 95–100

Adjustable Load for Automatic Testing of DC Power Supply PDF 
O. V. Statsenko, D. S. Nedashkivsky 101–107
Neuron Model Sigmoid Activation Function Based on Multi-Optional Functions Entropy Conditional Optimization Doctrine PDF 
A. V. Goncharenko 108–114
Modeling the Influence of Factors on the Monitoring of the Light-Signal Fires of the Civil Aviation Aerodrome in the Matlab Environment PDF 
Yu. M. Kvach 115–119
Imitation Modeling of the Recovery Process of the on-Board Fault-Tolerance Computer System PDF 
A. A. Zelenkov 120–123