No 53 (2017)

Table of Contents


Application of Dynamic Systems for Encoding Data in Telecommunication Channels PDF 
Kyrychenko V. V., Lesina Ye. V. 11-16
Assessment of Accuracy of Nonorthogonal Redundant Inertial Measuring Instruments PDF 
Sushchenko O. A., Bezkorovainyi Y. M., Novytska N. D. 17-25
Microelectromechanical Sensors Automated Testing System PDF 
Vasylenko M. P. 26-31
Optimization of Stabilization Processes of Quadrocopter for Maritime Traffic’s Monitoring PDF
Timchenko V. L., Lebedev D. O. 32-38
An Adaptive Prediction of Aircraft Motion with the Elements of Virtual Reality PDF 
Tovkach S. S., Romanovska A. A. 39-45
Attitude Determination Based on Axis and Angle Rotation Computing PDF 
Ryzhkov L. M. 46-50
Robust PID Control Tuning for the Uncertain Nonlinear Dynamic Model of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle PDF 
Farhadi R. M. 51-61
Automated Control LED Systems of Artificial Skyscraper PDF 
Melnyk O. S., Poliakov Y. V., Kosov A. O. 62-66
Robust Optimization of the UAV Gain-Scheduled Flight Control System PDF 
Tunik A. A, Nadsadna О. I. 67-74
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Integrated Navigation Complex PDF 
Zakharin F. M., Ponomarenko S. A. 75-83
Classification of Vertical-Axis Wind Power Plants with Rotary Blades PDF 
Sineglazov V. M., Shvaliuk I. S. 84-87
Influencing of Composite Machining Speed on Experimental Regularity of Acoustic Emission Amplitude Parameters Change  PDF 
Filonenko S. F., Zaritskyi O. V. 88-94
An Example of an Alternative Method of the Normal Distribution Density Derivation via a Concept of a Multi-Optional Optimality PDF 
Goncharenko A. V. 95-99
Method of Dynamic Programming for Information Robot’s Branching Path Optimization PDF 
Tachinina O. M. 100-105
Comparative Characteristics of Keras and Lasagne Machine Learning Packages PDF 
Sineglazov V. M., Omelchenko M. O., Hotsyanivskyy V. P. 106-111
3D Model of Landmarks for Autonomous Navigation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles PDF 
Chuzha O. O., Pazyura N. V., Romanenko V. G. 112-119
Application of the Method of Weight Selective Functions for Description of Complex Nonlinear Dependencies PDF 
Silvestrov A. M., Skrynnyk O. M., Spinul L. Yu. 120-123