No 52 (2017)

Table of Contents


Soft Clustering Algorithm Based on Separating Hypersurfaces PDF 
Chumachenko O. I., Gorbatiuk V. S. 11-15
A Method for Optical Imaging of the Three-Dimensional Manifold Structure PDF 
Chepizhenko V. I., Tereshchenko L. J. 16-19
IEEE 802.15.4 / ZigBee Wireless Network as a Basis for UAV Navigation System PDF 
Sineglazov V. M., Daskav E. V. 20-24
Onboard Monitoring System of Ground Aircraft Download PDF
Kozlov A. P., Yurchenko O. S. 25-28
Digital Adaptive Feedforward/Feedbak Controller for Autotracking Radar PDF 
Zhiteckii L. S., Sushchenko O. A. 29-35
Control System Synthesis of Indicator Dynamic Vibration Absorbers PDF 
Ryzhkov L. М. 36-39
Analyses of Marginalized Particle Filtering Block of Navigation Data PDF 
Mukhina M. P., Prymak A. P. 40-45
Analysis of the Generalized Structural Scheme of the Iteratively Integrating Measurement Converter PDF 
Sergeyev I. Yu. 46-49
Impact of Training Process of Aviation Specialists on Flight Safety Parameters PDF 
Kazak V. M., Prokhorenko I. V., Timoshenko N. A. 50-55
Computer-Aided Design System of Wind Turbine Power Plants Aerodynamics Calculation PDF 
Sineglazov V. M., Khok S. A. 56-61
Environmental Chamber for Navigation Equipment Test Table PDF 
Sineglazov V. M., Dolgorukov S. O. 62-66
Approximate Calculation of the process characteristics of the UAV Landing on Rope  PDF 
Tupitsin N. F., Chychkan І. V. 67-71
Automation of Contact Stage at Air-To-Air Refueling of Civil Aircrafts PDF 
Filyashkin M.K., Rogozhin V.A. 72-77
Entropical Analysis of Macrosystems outside the main Postulet of Statistical Mechanics PDF 
Delas N. I. 78-84
Algorithmic and Program Support for Optimization of Interval Hypoxic Training Modes Selection of Pilots PDF 
Aralova N. I., Klyuchko O. M., Mashkin V. I., Mashkina I. V. 85-93
A Concept of Multi-Optional Optimality at Modeling Ideal Gas Isothermal Processes PDF 
Goncharenko A. V. 94-97
Probabilistic Methods of Zero-Defects Checking for Nonhomogeneous Samplings PDF 
Krasnousova O. Y., Opanasiuk Y. A., Dmytrenko B. I. 98-102
Suggestions of the Improvement of the Quality of Flight During Landing and Missed Approach/Go Around Maneuver PDF 
Hryshchenko Y. V., Romanenko V. G., Hryshchenko Y. Y. 103-109
Estimation of the Results of Statistical Modeling of Automatic Control Systems PDF 
Zelenkov A. A., Bunchuk A. A., Golik A. P. 110-115