No 50 (2016)

Table of Contents


Test for Condition Degradation Detection of Radio Electronic Equipment PDF 
Solomentsev O. V., Zaliskyi M. Yu., Herasymenko T. S., Cheked I. V. 11-16
Multilateration Aircraft Tracking using Stochastic Filtering Techniques PDF 
Vasyliev V. M., Vasyliev D. V., Naumenko K. V. 17-23
Data Processing of Barometric Altimeter PDF 
Sushchenko O. A., Golitsyn V. O. 24-29
Expert Estimations for Informativeness and Recognition of Selected Terrain PDF
Mukhina M. P., Mladentseva K. S., Barkulova I. V. 30-35
Image Processing with Liver MRI Convolutional Neural Network PDF 
Sineglazov V. M., Hotsyanivskyy V. P. 36-40
Image Processing of CT with Help of a Convolutional Neural Network PDF 
Sineglazov V. M., Omelchenko M. O. 41-45
Development of Airframe Design Elements Control Technique under Operational Conditions PDF 
Pusyryov O. L., Volkogon V. O., Alekseev O. M., Ushakov V. V. 46-50
Identification of  the Signals  in Position Control Circuits of a Hexapod Platform PDF 
Melnychenko M. M., Osadchy S. I., Zozulya V. A. 51-57
CUDA-Based Technology for Improving the Efficiency of the Aircraft Motion PDF 
Tovkach S. S. 58-62
Deep Learning Classifier Based on NEFPROX Neural Network PDF 
Chumachenko O. I. 63-66
Optimal Selection of Wind Turbine Blade Profile PDF 
Sineglazov V. M., Ziganshin A. A., Vasylenko M. P. 67-71
Experimental Checking of Reversibility Theorem for Axially Symmetric Body with Empennage  PDF 
Tupitsin М. F., Ziganshin A. A., Stepanenko I. О. 72-77
Ground Radio Navigation Systems Maintenance Processes Improvemen PDF 
Zuiev O. V. 78-83
Information System for Data Urban Bike Trails Collection and Analysis About PDF 
Lapchuk D. A., Oleshchenko L. M. 84-88
Gaussian Particle Filtering Block of Navigation Data PDF 
Mukhina M. P., Prymak A. P. 89-93
Fluid Motion Mathematical Model Development in a Partially Filled Cavity PDF 
Kemenyash Yu. M. 94-97
Alternativeness of Control and Power Equipment Repair Versus Purchasing According to the Preferences of the Option PDF 
Goncharenko A. V. 98-101
Andoyer–Deprit Variables use to the Hess Gyroscope Phase Trajectories Exploring PDF 
Kyrychenko V. V. 102-107
Optimal Principle for Dynamical System with Alterative Orbiting PDF 
Lysenko O. І., Tachinina O. M. 108-113
Analysis of using Software Packages for Imaging in Medical Diagnostics PDF 
Sineglazov V. M., Raduchych D. S. 114-118