No 49 (2016)

Table of Contents


Accuracy of Automatic Speech Recognition System Trained on Noised Speech PDF 
Prodeus A. N., Kukharicheva K. A. 11-16
Attitude Determination Based on Geometric Relations PDF 
Ryzhkov L. M. 17-21
Synthesis Algorithm of the Moving Plant Control Signals Observer PDF 
Bezkorovainyi Y. M., Ermolaeva O. V. 22-25
Aviation Navigation System Based оn Polarimetric Technology PDF
Klochan A. E., Al-Ammouri A., Romanenko V. G., Tronko V. D. 26-32
Non Stationary Model of Robust-Optimal Control Systems of Marine Vehicles PDF 
Timchenko V. L., Ukhin O. A., Lebedev D. O. 33-39
Features of Control of Tracking Modes PDF 
Sushchenko O. A. 40-47
Nonclassical Quaternions and Pentanions in Problems of Inertial Orientation PDF 
Panov A. P., Ponomarenko S. A. 48-52
Antenna Array for Radiomonitoring
on the Printed Circuit Board
Ilnytsky L. Y., Sibruk L. V., Polishchuk D. V. 53-58
Robustness Properties of the l1-Optimal Lateral Autopilot of PI Type PDF 
Azarskov V. N., Zhiteckii L. S., Pilchevsky A. Yu., Solovchuk K. Yu. 59-65
Estimation of Bulky Object Motion Parameters by means of the least Squares Method PDF 
Rudakova G. V., Polyvoda O. V., Omelchuk A. A. 66-72
Computer-Aided Design of Wind Power System with Combined Rotor PDF 
Sineglazov V. M., Ziganshin A. A., Vasylenko M. P. 73-78
Deep Learning Classifier Based on NEFCLASS Neural Network  PDF 
Chumachenko O. I. 79-83
Case-Based Assessment Method of Determining the Vague Boundaries of Safety Domains for the Joint Motion of Vehicles PDF 
Sherstjuk V. G., Zharikova M. V. 84-92
Acoustic Energy at Controlled Cutting Depth of Composite Material PDF 
Filonenko S. F. 93-99
Mathematical Model for Research of Organism Restoring for Operators of Continuously Interacted System PDF 
Aralova N. I. Klyuchko O. M.  Mashkin V. I. Mashkina I. V. 100-105
Optimal Path of Nanosatellites Group Injection for Earth Remote Monitoring PDF 
Tachinina E. N. 106-111
Optimal Managerial and Control Values for Active Operation PDF 
Goncharenko A. V. 112-115
Making-Decision Model in CLIPS Software Environment PDF 
Zaritskyi O. V. 116-120
Measuring Model of Helicopter’s Hovering Stabilization Parameters Against Point Objects PDF 
Kazak V. M., Shevchuk D. O., Tymoshenko N. A., Prochorenko I. V. 121-125
Algorithm of Wind Turbine Combined Rotor Aerodynamics Calculation PDF 
Sineglazov V. M., Ziganshin A. A., Vasylenko M. P. 126-133