No 47 (2016)

Table of Contents


Correlation Method for Verification of Human Organism Psychophysiological State PDF 
Shevchenko K. L., Shcherbina E. S., Yeremeyeva T. A 11-15
Reaction of Stabilization System on the Commands of Operator. Accuracy of Stabilization PDF 
Ablesimov A. K., Bardon L. V., Kutova N. I. 16-21
Improvement of “Aircraft-Automatic Flight Control System” Control Loop Quality PDF 
Prosvirin D. A., Kharchenko V. P. 22-28
Information Support for Automatic Industrial Environment Monitoring Systems PDF
Plakhotnij S. A., Klyuchko O. M., Krotinova M. V. 29-34
H2/H∞ Optimization of Inertially Stabilizied Platforms PDF 
Sushchenko O. A., Shirokii O. V. 35-42
Static Output Feedback Design  of Robust Gain Scheduled Control System PDF 
Nadsadna О. I. 43-49
Optimal Control in Water Supply Condition Stabilization Mode PDF 
Sidorenko V. V., Buravchenko K. O. 50-53
Optimization of Arrangement Heat-Producing Functional Units and Radio Elements
on the Printed Circuit Board
Nikitchuk A. V., Uvarov B. M. 54-59
Modeling of Nanocircuits with Programmable Logic PDF 
Melnyk O. S., Girnyak V. T. 60-64
Optimal Pitch Angles of Darieus H-Rotor Blades PDF 
Sineglazov V. M., Ziganshin A. A. 65-70
Using Solar/Wind Energy Power Supply in the Autonomous System PDF 
Dmytrenko B. I. 71-75
Analysis of the Potentiation Digital-to-Analog Converter with Accounting of Imperfection its Blocks  PDF 
Sergeyev I. Yu. 76-79
Optimal Choice of Hardware Complexes of Visual Navigation System UAV PDF 
Sineglazov V. M., Ischenko V. S. 80-87
Analysis of Solar Charge Controllers PDF 
Karabetsky D. Р. 88-90
Algorithm of Forming and Selecting of Informative Features in Correlation Extreme
Navigation System Database
Mukhina M. P., Prymak A. P., Babeniuk A. N. 91-96
Simulation of Legitimacies Acoustic Radiation Energy Change for the Control of Composite Machining Process PDF 
Filonenko S. F. 97-101
Range Voltage Modification Modeling Based on Order Statistics Theory PDF 
Prokopenko I. G., Churina О. J. 102-106
Mathematic Models and Integral Estimation of Organism Systems Reliability in Extreme Conditions PDF 
Aralova N. I., Klyuchko O. M., Mashkin V. I., Mashkina I. V. 107-115
Finite Volume Method to Solution of Navier–Stokes Equations for Vertical Axis Wind Turbines PDF 
Sineglazov V. M., Ziganshin A. A. 116-120
About Working set for Dynamic Memory Allocation PDF 
Yurchenko A. S., Kozlov A. P. 121-126
Errors Statistics Processing of an Aviation Operator for Reliability Prediction PDF 
Kozhokhina O. V., Gribov V. M., Blahaia L. V. 127-131
Stability of Retrial Queuеing System M/D/1 with Losses PDF 
Koba O. V. 132-135