No 44 (2015)

Table of Contents

Theory and methods of signal processing

Attenuation average signal power helicopter antenna system PDF
V. A. Ivanov, A. S. Zadorozhniy 11-15
Properties of signal switch-on functions and their use PDF
Y. A. Egorshin, O. Y. Krasnousova 16-19
Development of the method of compensating of distortions of output signal of amplifier with non-linear load PDF
Yu. F. Tesik, R. M. Moroz 20-24

Automatic control system

Estimation algorithm of arbitrary dynamics object state under random actions and incomplete measuring by unstable system PDF
V. N. Azarskov, А. U. Kurganskyi, G. I. Rudyuk 25-28
Conductivity of composites of thermotropic ionic liquid crystals PDF
A. V. Gridyakina 29-32
On one approach of observer-based flight control system design PDF
M. M. Komnatska, A. M. Klipa, Y. A. Berezanskyi, I. V. Kiliian 33-39
Features of pointing in systems of stabilization by ground vehicle observation equipment PDF
O. A. Sushchenko 40-45
Optimal guaranteed cost control of aircraft motion PDF
M. M. Komnatska 46-50
Synthesis of optimal multidimensional stabilization system of helicopter in hovering mode under stochastic influences PDF
О. P. Krivonosenko, О. V. Savchenko 51-56
The database of aircraft performance characteristics PDF
N. V. Korshunov, V. V. Pavlov, G. I. Rudyuk 57-61
Substantiation of adaptive self-adjusting system of autonomous wind energy turbine PDF
V. M. Sineglazov, V. V. Kozyrskyy, M. I. Trehub, 0. S. Vasilenko 62-68

Automated design system

Evaluation for an automated system for determining grain quality parameters by simulation model PDF
M. V. Charugin, O. S. Halatenko, I. A. Ivakhnenko 69-74
Computer-aided design of spar for rotor blade of wind-power plant PDF
V. M. Sineglazov, V. M. Boyko 75-80
Fire monitoring intellectual information system PDF
О. І. Chumachenko, V. L. Kupriyanchyk 81-84
Means of dynamic integration data realization at the level of separate components of the cad environment PDF
V. M. Syneglazov, A. P. Godny 85-90

Transport systems

Development of mathematical models of helicopter pilots PDF
V. A. Dmitriev 91-94

Mathematical modeling of processes and systems

Numerical solution of wing integro-differential equation PDF
A. A. Ziganshin 95-98
Mechanism of dimerization of viologens in liquid crystalline medium PDF
H. B. Bordyuh 99-102
Theoretical basis of professional activity analysis and estimation expert systems development PDF
О. V. Zaritskyi 103-106
Application of reference models to determine the professional reliability of air traffic controllers and creating a simulator PDF
O. V. Kozhokhina, S. I. Rudas, O. S. Bondarev 107-113
The dynamic segment memory allocation algorithms PDF
V. M. Sineglazov, A. S. Yurchenko, N. F. Tupitsin, A. P. Kozlov 114-120
Approximation of bessel functions by rational functions PDF
N. C. Zelenska, C. Ch. Zelensky 121-124
Fast convolution algorithms in the reduction of the visual signal and image processing systems PDF
G. V. Kit 125-128

ISSN: 1990-5548