No 39 (2014)

Table of Contents

Theory and methods of signal processing

Compression of digital images on the basis of multilevel sprine approximation PDF
N. A. Shutko, A. G. Guida, A. N. Negoda 11-14
Analysis of the possibility of creating gigabit distribution networks with the using of terahertz range radio-relay lines PDF
Teodor M. Narytnik, Ali Abdalla Ibrahim Idris, Osama Turabi 15-22

Automatic control system

Stable low-order continued fraction approximations for system identification PDF
O. V. Glushko, R. Yu. Tkachev 23-27
Prediction of the improvement characteristis of nanocircuits PDF
O. S. Melnyk, N. V. Burtseva 28-32
The active fault tolerant control system for proceeding controllability and stability airplane under adverse flight conditions PDF
D. O. Shevchuk 33-36

Automated design system

Computer-aided design of motor driver for solar power plant PDF
V. M. Sineglazov, D. R. Karabetsky 37-40
Computer simulation of single-electron logic gates PDF
O. S. Melnyk, A. V. Maksymenko, A. D. Sverdlova 41-45
Parameters of radioelectronic devices, which are determined by thermal modes PDF
B. M. Uvarov, A. V. Nikitchuk 46-52
automated designing of driver for light-emitting-diode lamps PDF
V. M. Sineglazov, K. I. Kaleniuk 53-58
Software integration at the computer-aided design of wind power plants PDF
V. M. Sineglazov, A. V. Kulbaka 59-62

Transport systems

Simulator training optimization PDF
V. M. Sineglazov, Ju. M. Shmelev 63-66

Mathematical modeling of processes and systems

Algorithm for estimating aircraft accuracy landing during operational control PDF
O. A. Zelenkov, A. P. Golik 67-70
Helicopter screw rotation influence on form directional diagram onboard antenna PDF
V. A. Ivanov, A. S. Zadorozhniy 71-76
building a computer model of an optoelectronic fire smoke alarm detector PDF
G. E. Sokolov 77-84
The optimal control models of interurban bus transport PDF
M. G. Medvedev, L. M. Oleschenko 85-90
The arhitecture of information system complexity ertimation work PDF
S. V. Tolbatov 91-94
Analysis of modern correlation extreme navigation systems PDF
M. P. Mukhina, I. V. Seden 95-101
Some aspects of modeling of the aircraft avionic systems PDF
I. F. Boyko, I. K. Maletskiy, D. M. Zakharov 102-107
Building a system of simulation modeling for spatially-distributed processes PDF
O. I. Chumachenko, A. Y. Luzhetskyi 108-113
Mathematical models of pollution dynamics of clean rooms PDF
V. M. Sineglazov, V. N. Fedosenko, E. N. Radko 114-120
Increase of effectiveness of hardware-in-the-loop test bench PDF
V. M. Sineglazov, B. V. Roman 121-126
Computer modeling of auto-oscillating phenomena in neuron complexes PDF
V. N. Shutko, O. M. Klyuchko 127-132
Computer modelling of biologic voltage-activated nanostructures PDF
O. M. Klyuchko, D. Yu. Sheremet 133-139