No 34 (2012)


Table of Contents

Theory and methods of signal processing

S-transform in digital signal processing of fractional dynamics of continuous systems PDF
O. V. Vasyliev, V. V. Vasylyev, L. A. Simak 5-15
Data fusion algoritm of unmanned ground vehicle PDF
L. V. Aniskevych, F. M. Zakharin 16-21
Phase difference measurement based on optoeleсtronic method PDF
A. V. Skrypets, V. D. Tronko, A. P. Slobodyan 22-26
Aerodynamic coefficients approximations for arbitrary angles PDF
Z. V. Didyk, V. A. Apostolyuk 27-31
Algorithms of gyro-free accelerometer-based satellite-inertial navigation system PDF
V. B. Larin, A. A. Tunik 32-45
Estimation of accuracy characteristics of onboard vertical meters based on photopolаrimetric method PDF
M. M. Asanov, V. A. Rogozhin, A. V. Skrypets, V. D. Tronko 46-50
Kalman filtering in orientation systems PDF
Sh. I. Askerov 51-55


Automatic control system

Influence of shock on the vibration amplitude stabilization system of coriolis vibratory gyroscope resonator PDF
V. V. Chikovani 56-63
Non-linear dynamics of advanced airframe aircraft based on state-transformation method PDF
Avnish P. S. Chauhan, Sergey Edward Lyshevski 64-74
Estimation of remote unmanned aerial vehicles control delays PDF
V. M. Sineglazov, R. Yu. Tkachov 75-79
Software development of aviation bench tests PDF
V. M. Sineglazov, V. P. Podolsky 80-83

Automated design system

Peculiarities of future air navigation system based on inertial navigation systems/global positioning system PDF
V. M. Sineglazov, F. M. Zakharin 84-90
Estimation algorithm of computer-integrated navigation complex of unmanned aerial vehicles PDF
V. M. Sineglazov, M. K. Filyashkin, F. M. Zakharin 91-97
Design of sustainable power systems with high-power density electronics PDF
Trevor C. Smith, S. E. Lyshevski 98-108

Transport systems

Cascade plant of steady and regulated frequency of rotation PDF
V. A. Grishin 109-117
Recommendations for operator trainings of unmanned aerial vehicle PDF
M. F. Тupitsyn, A. S. Yurchenko 118-122

Mathematical modeling of processes and systems

A procedure of building a computer model of an optoelectronic measuring system PDF
G. Ye. Sokolov 123-129
Algorithms of robust optimization of inertially stabilized platforms PDF
O. A. Sushchenko, A. A. Tunik 130-137
Investigation of planar antenna by using the feko PDF
O. A. Shcherbina, V. A. Litvinenko 138-141
Analysis of magnetometer components errors for correlation-extreme navigation PDF
M. H. Mukhina, T. M. Stoyan 142-148
Algorihtm of state space identification of aircraft model PDF
A. M. Klipa 149-154
Temperature error model in coriolis vibratory gyroscopes PDF
V. O. Apostolyuk, V. V. Chikovani 155-158
Use of least square criterion in triad algorithm PDF
L. M. Ryzhkov, D. I. Stepurenko 159-164