No 33 (2012)


Table of Contents

Theory and methods of signal processing

Transmission and reception of digital signals in spline basis PDF
І. Ф. Бойко, М. Г. Гордєєв, А. І. Кутін 5-12
Adaptive control of sensitivity receiver is probared by troposphere focal mancha of adaptive antenna PDF
В. И. Рудаков 13-27
Sequential method of estimating the reliability of air navigation ground-based devices PDF
О. В. Соломенцев, М. Ю. Заліський, В. В. Луньов 28-34
Software Design of Web Data Analysis Intelligent Systems PDF
О. І. Чумаченко 35-39
Testing of automatic flight data recording system “ELOGGER V4” on glider PDF
K. V. Kryvenko, N. F. Tupitsin      40-45

Automatic control system

Automatic landing control plane based on the predictive model algorithm PDF
М. К. Філяшкін, О. В. Мельников  46-52
Procedure of a fuzzyfication / defuzzification of points scale estimation PDF
В. В. Камишин, О. М. Рева, Л. М. Макаренко, О. М. Медведенко 53-62

Automated design system

Parametric synthesis of technological machine PDF
В. М. Синєглазов, А. О. Титарчук   63-66
Analysis of Wind Turbines with Vertical Axis of Rotation PDF
В. М. Синеглазов, С. С. Алёшкин, А. В. Кульбака 67-74
LocalityWind Monitoring hardware PDF
М. В. Синеглазов, Б. И. Дмитренко, А. В. Кульбака 75-80
Ontology application for estimation of complex technical object characteristics PDF
A. V. Abramova, D. I. Konotop 81-88

Mathematical modeling of processes and systems

Problems modeling management pulse means explosion protection PDF
О. О. Кряжич 89-96
Modeling of bandpass process PDF
Н. Б. Марченко 97-101
Computer modelling of some nanoelements for radiotechnic and television systems PDF
О. М. Ключко, А. О. Пашківський, Д. Ю. Шеремет 102-107
Analysis of user access system of the specified bandwidth cost PDF
В. В. Антонов, О. О. Горбунов, Р. С. Одарченко, С. М. Паук, В. Г. Потапов 108-116
Prognostication of covering zones of cellular communication networks in the conditions of city PDF
Є. І. Габрусенко, Р. О. Задорожній, І. О. Сташенко, Н. М. Білоус 117-120
Modeling the light distribution of led luminaires using software PDF
A. B. Zyuzina-Zinchenko 121-124
Automatic design of lighting devices based on LEDs PDF
Є. В. Ковальський 125-128
Simulation modeling of mean time between unscheduled removals of radio-electronic systems PDF
V. V. Ulansky, I. A. Machalin 129-135
Modeling of electrical processes in the cells of the master oscillator of heart rate PDF
В. В. Нечаев 136-146
Application of Caputo fractional derivative in electronic composer PDF
А. В. Вишневский 147-151
Properties of Сomposite Linguistic Variables Modifiers PDF
С. П. Борсук 152-157
Modelling the impact of weather conditions on the visibility of the airfield light signal lights PDF
Ю. М. Квач 158-162