No 32 (2012)

Table of Contents

Theory and methods of signal processing

Experimental determination of corrections for the measuring devices, operating at a single point measurement range      PDF
А.К. Зюзько, Ю.В. Петрова
Defining the normalized safety indicators to facilitate the topological and electrical circuits airfield lights PDF
П.В. Попов, Ю.М. Квач
Intellectual analysis of web-data PDF
О.І. Чумаченко, О.І. Житков
Development of elements for television systems with use of nanotechnologies PDF
О.М. Ключко
Systems of digital videosupervision PDF
Е.В. Балынская, В.О. Маценко

Automatic control system

Control systems of unmanned aerial vehicles      PDF
А.К. Аблесимов, Е.В. Сарапина
The optical course system of mobile robot PDF
М.П. Мар’ясов, А.В. Назаренко
Accuracy improving of measuring navigation system parameters with accelerometer calibration using Kalman filtration PDF
С.В. Іванов, І.О. Білич
Possibilities of application of quasi-object helicopter’s control system for pilot training PDF
К.В. Приходько
Transport delay of technological processes as the object of research PDF
Р.Ю. Ткачев
The control algorithm of the blade angle of attack for a wind power plant PDF
К.М. Сидоренко, П.С. Соченко
Results and Perspectives of Aircraft Manual Control Systems Development PDF
В.И. Кашматов
New approarch for the solution of quadrotor stabilization task PDF
Younis Shareef Daoud
Control system by the panel of sunny batteries with two degrees of freedom PDF
А.А. Яковлева

Automated design system

The problems of integration of modern automated system of productive setting PDF
П.М. Павленко, В.В. Трейтяк, Т.М. Захарчук
Optimization of the structure of technological machine-machine PDF
В.М. Синєглазов, А.О. Титарчук

Transport systems

A generator plant built-in the aero-engine of airplane with completely electrified equipment PDF
В.А. Гришин
The onboard meter of density of jet fuel PDF
А.П. Козлов
Optimal traffic control at crossroads PDF
В.С. Грищенко

Mathematical modeling of processes and systems

An operational analogue of the Riemann–Liouville fractional integral in the basis of shifted Legendre polynomials    PDF
А.В. Васильев
Improvement of color rendering index of luminaires based on LEDs PDF
А.Б. Зюзіна-Зінченко, Є.В. Ковальський
Electromagnetic pollution ecological monitoring of airport terminal modeling PDF
О.В. Вишнівський, Є.С. Іваницький
Statistical analysis of the process of developing electric energy gas turbine power plants PDF
Н.Б. Марченко, А.В. Толбатов, Т.Л. Щербак
A mathematical design of profile curve of reflector is in the software environment of Mathematica PDF
І.А. Зеленков, Н.І. Кулик
Mathematical model of digital images based on theory of distributions PDF
М.Е. Сердюк
Optimizing the design parameters of Yagi antenna PDF
Л.Я. Ільницький, О.А. Щербина