No 31 (2012)

Table of Contents

Theory and methods of signal processing

Algorithm of tempo estimation of musical signals PDF
В.С. Яцковський, Д.М. Бруслік 05-09

Automatic control system

Stages of functioning the gas-dynamic device takeoff and landing and aircraft’s                    PDF
М.Ф. Тупіцин, Б.І. Дмитренко, І.O. Степаненко 10-14
The newest tasks of synthesis of optimum robust system stochastic stabilization and quality functional of this system PDF
Л.М. Блохін, Г.Ю. Лаванов, М.О. Лаванова
Estimation of sensors biases during the identification of dynamic characteristics of small aircraft PDF
А.М. Кліпа, Т.А. Галагуз, П.В. Колоколов
Valve-type converters of electric energy parameters PDF
Б.Є. П’яних
Linear quadratic regulator control technique for stabilization a quadrotor aircraft PDF
Younis Shareef Daoud, Raad Kareem Kadhim

Automated design system

Synthesis of optimal structure of observer based on the separation theorem PDF
Л.М. Блохін, О.М. Юрченко          39-42
Algorithm of inertial navigation system correction on the bases of range information PDF
М.П. Мухіна, І.В. Седень, Н.П. Рибак, Р.Г. Гаврилюк, А.И. Краснов
H -synthesis of system for stabilization of information-measuring devices at moving basis PDF
О.А. Сущенко
Simplest programmable logic controllers for the tasks of automation PDF
И.Ю. Сергеев, В.С. Стемковский, Н.С. Краснов, И.В. Седень, Н.П. Рыбак
Сomputer simulation of nanoelectronics arithmetic-logic devices PDF
O.S. Melnik, L.O. Tsapok
The task of complex data processing in navigational systems unmanned aerial vehicles PDF
Ш.І. Аскеров

Transport systems

Improving the efficiency of the system control of spacecraft by use of the sea point control PDF
В.Н. Азарсков, В.И. Богомья, Д.А. Блоха, В.С. Давыдов           76-82
An adaptive algorithm for traffic control using neural networks PDF
В.М. Синєглазов, І.В. Гусятнікова
The self-testing reliability of computer-aided test systems PDF
Г.П. Чорний, Т.Г. Чорний

Mathematical modeling of processes and systems

Software of informational control complexes of aircraft for elimination of emergency consequences                 PDF
В.М. Азарсков, О.А. Машков, П.П. Троянов   96-108
Spatial Estimate of Energy Distribution over Polarization Spectrum of The Signal Reflected from Hydrometeors PDF
Ю.А. Авер’янова
The use of artificial neural networks for the forecasting task PDF
Е.И. Чумаченко, В.С. Горбатюк
Evaluating the effectiveness of methods of identification for example MatLab package PDF
В.М. Синєглазов, М.С. Сторчак
Unit testing stored procedures of the web-oriented simulator PDF
В.М. Синеглазов, К.А. Хоменко
Applying integral linear B-spline as a IRT-model PDF
І.Ф. Бойко, Р.М. Дубан
Automate the design of clean rooms for industries mikroelektronnoy PDF
В.М. Синеглазов, В.Н. Федосенко
Radiation of photonic crystal with fractal structure PDF
О.В. Вишнівський
To develop an analytical model of the dynamic distribution of non-paged memory PDF
В.М. Синеглазов, А.С. Юрченко
Multidimensional tables for operator learning progress registration in the trainers PDF
С.П. Борсук

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