No 29 (2011)

Table of Contents

Theory and methods of signal processing

Implementation of modern cryptanalytic methods in computational grid environments based on cluster architectures                                PDF
Н.В. Загородна, С.А. Лупенко, А.М. Луцків
Continuous and sampled signal processing via S-transform method based on shifted Legendre polynomials PDF
А.В. Васильев, В.В. Васильев, Л.А. Симак
Psychoacoustic quality criteria sounding power amplifier audio frequency PDF
Ю.В. Пепа, О.М. Кнурьов
Influence of parameters variation of phase-shifting network elements on the value of phase shift PDF
Т.Ю. Шкварницкая, А.В. Молчанов
Аpplication of software for modelling of lighting emitting diodes devises PDF
І.А. Зеленков, Н.І. Кулик
The application of Pearson functions for approximation of Poisson spectral Kolmogorov’s density of the linear stochastic processes PDF
О.В. Гармаш, А.И. Красильников

Automatic control system

Synthesis of observer states of UAV           PDF
О.К. Аблесімов, А.Ю. Гончар
Experience of manufacturing electrical products in “Kyivprylad” PDF
А.В. Осадчий, В.Н. Белый

Automated design system

Іnterface software simulator of microprocessor relay protection                      PDF
В.М. Синеглазов, О.И. Варченко, О.П. Барановская
Review of the Modern Status of the Fiber-Optic Angular Rate Sensors and Trends of their Development PDF
О.А. Сущенко, В.В. Пальчик
Measurement of charged particles activities in solution for requirements of nanotechnologies PDF
О.М. Ключко, М.О. Іванюк
A calculation of the device landing characteristics of UAVs PDF
Н.Ф. Тупицин, Л.В. Тупицина, А.С. Юрченко
Displaying trajectory of remotely piloted aircraft on electronic map PDF
В.М. Синеглазов, С.А. Дьяков
Optimal choice of navigation systems hard ware for unmanned aerial vehicles PDF
В.М. Синеглазов, Ш.И. Аскеров

Transport systems

Stereo system of target automatic video capture      PDF
М.П. Мухіна, Н.Ю. Романович, І.Д. Єременко

Mathematical modeling of processes and systems

Analysis of distributed information system monitoring the fire as a queuing system                       PDF
О.І. Чумаченко, В.В. Цілицький, М.О. Білий
Use of software packages MATLAB for building artificial neural networks PDF
О.В. Буриченко, О.Б. Іванець, О.В. Букрєєва
Сonstruction of models relational data’s predicting PDF
О.Б. Іванець, І.В. Морозова, В.В. Нечипорук
The method of forecasting the metrological characteristics in problems of reliability of measurement devices PDF
Є.А. Реуцький, Л.М. Щербак
Calculation of power LEDs’ luminous flux according to thermal processes occurring in them PDF
А.Б. Зюзіна-Зінченко, Є.В. Ковальський
LED efficiency research PDF
Є.В. Ковальський, А.Б. Зюзіна-Зінченко
Axioms reliability PDF
Л.Н. Щербак
Organazing the version control process for the data base PDF
В.М. Синеглазов, К.А. Хоменко