No 28 (2011)


Table of Contents

Automated design system

Planning of electrical engineerings wares on the basis of universal computer-aided (CAD) design Compass-chart                            PDF
А.В. Осадчий  
Model of single-electron transistor for automation of circuit technology design PDF
О.С. Мельник, О.С. Пономарьов  
Research of instrument configuration influence on performances of the information-measuring stabilization system PDF
О.А. Сущенко, С.В. Карасьов  
Design weather station as part of the wind power station PDF
В.М. Синеглазов, Б.И. Дмитренко, А.В. Кульбака  
Сomputer-aided design of nanocellular automata PDF
O.S. Melnik, O.O. Volivach  
Computer-aided design of quantum cellular automata based nanocircuits PDF
О.С. Мельник, В.В. Івахнюк  
The program simulator of microprocessor system of relay defence PDF
В.М. Синєглазов, О.І. Варченко, О.П. Барановська  

Mathematical modeling of processes and systems

Statistical data processing of wind parameters principles in order to get solving the wind energetic installation in concrete region allocation                                        PDF
О.Д. Любімов, В.М. Коваленко, А.І. Чубенко  
A mathematical design of emergency situations of the system is a flag–object PDF
В.П. Подольський, В.М. Синєглазов  
Simulation of electrical signals propagation at neuron and its nanostructures PDF
О.М. Ключко, Р.Р. Хайрудінов  
Evaluation of system overhead costs in dynamic segment memory allocation PDF
В.М. Синеглазов, А.С. Юрченко  
Application of an operational method of non-classical type for the analysis of transient processes in nonlinear dynamic systems of whole and fractional order PDF
Е.В. Киркач  
Imitational modeling of interrelated economical cyclic processes on the basis of the vector of rhythmically related cyclic probability processes PDF
А.Б. Горкуненко, С.А. Лупенко, Н.Р. Дем’янчук, Я.В. Литвиненко  
Prediction of fire on the basis of neural networks PDF
Е.И. Чумаченко, А.Ю. Ледовский  
Redistribution algorithm for the time assigned to student work in different trainer subsystems PDF
С.П. Борсук  
Basics of reliability engineering systems as science PDF
Л.Н. Щербак  
Calculation of the characteristics of gas-dynamic landing gear PDF
Н.Ф. Тупицин, А.В. Бондарчук  

Automatic control system

Planning of automated checking systems for leadthrough of tests of electrical engineerings wares                                 PDF
В.Н. Белый  
On the controllability computing for linear time-invariant systems PDF
М.С. Фельзер  
Estimation of precise descriptions of the coursovertical system on the stage of flying tests with the help of the satellite navigation systems PDF
Н.К. Филяшкин, В.А. Рогожин  
Adaptive suboptimal control system of input constrained Plant PDF
В.Н. Азарсков, Л.С. Житецкий, Л.Н. Блохин  

Theory and methods of signal processing

The comparative analysis of frequency characteristics of approximators integro-differential operators of non-integer orders on the basis of chain RC-schemes                                      PDF
В.В. Васильєв, О.О. Качмарчик, К.В. Киркач  
Technique and some resuets of primary stochastic data processing of the muetidimensional table simulator of angular motions on trim difference channel PDF
О.В. Єрмолаєва, Г.Л. Токарик, Т.М. Гребінник  
Self-basis operator and orthogonal stochastic basis application for information processing PDF
A.V. Vishnevsky  
A voltage-controlled oscillator based on negative capacitance converter PDF
V.V. Ulansky  

Transport systems

Reproducibility – main characteristics of accuracy test results                               PDF
Л.О. Кошева  
Dynamic and interactive system of meteorological information obtaining and dissemination PDF
Ю.А. Авер’янова, Ф.Й. Яновський  
Suboptimal filtering algorithms in the schemes of interconnecting inertial-satellite systems that are based on the method of compensation PDF
М.К. Філяшкін, Т.І. Мар’ясова