No 27 (2011)

Table of Contents

Theory and methods of signal processing

Transmission of an object azimuth on distance with the help of magnetooptical modulator                                PDF
А.В. Скрипец, В.Д. Тронько, М.М. Асанов
Influence of modulation signal waveform on exactness of polarization plane azimuth registration by photopolarimeter. Nonideal system PDF
М.М. Асанов
Parameter Estimation and Sampling of Continuous Signals based on Polynomial Approximation in the local bases PDF
А.В. Васильев
The sampling and estimation of fractional derivatives for continuous signals in local bases of Legendre polynomials PDF
А.В. Васильев
Estimation geometric parameter sample from protected type of the paper PDF
П.П. Когут, В.О. Шевченко, Ю.Т. Герасименко, В.І. Степура
Passage of casual signals through nonlinear inertialless circuits PDF
А.К. Зюзько, Ю.В. Петрова
Virtual instrument for circular data generation PDF
Ю.В. Куц, С.В. Шенгур
Substantiation to choose low cost software and hardware components for highperformance compute system for cryptanalysis tasks PDF
Н.В. Загородна, С.А. Лупенко, А.М. Луцків
Improvement of description of finding out a narrow-band signal with a hindrance in frequency PDF
В.М. Шутко, Ю.М. Барабанов, C.Л. Квасюк
Development of image processing algorithm for diagnostics PDF
Е.И. Чумаченко, О.Ю. Левицкий
Computer generator based upon MatLab PDF
Г.Е. Соколов

Automatic control system

The contours of the summation of automatic control systems             PDF
О.К. Аблесімов, С.В. Пахомов, П.В. Погонець
Optimization of stabilization management by a mathematical pendulum PDF
М.М. Малоєд

Automated design system

Computer analysis of the gyrator circuit with a floating load                          PDF
О.Ю. Красноусова, Д.А. Найда
Refinement and analysis of the gyrator circuit with a ground load PDF
С.И. Иванов, О.Ю. Красноусова
Computer-aided design of electrical production through the use of the software «Compass» PDF
А.В. Осадчий
Optimization of geometrical parameters of blades of vindturbines for starting and work at small speeds of wind PDF
В.М. Синєглазов, В.В. Козирський, М.І. Трегуб
Review of the Modern Status of the Micro-Electro-Mechanical Angular Rate Sensors and Trends of their Development PDF
О.А. Сущенко, С.В. Карасёв

Transport systems

Investigation of forecasting algorithm’s trajectory in the two-dimensional object tracking                       PDF
М.П. Мухіна, О.В. Кавун
Organization of freight transportations on transporting networks with limitations on their carrying capacities PDF
Г.С. Прокудін
Gas-dynamic method for taking off aircraft’s PDF
Н.Ф. Тупицин, В.С. Яцковский
Optimization of freight transportations in the transporting systems PDF
Г.С. Прокудін, О.Г. Прокудін

Mathematical modeling of processes and systems

Cognitive game methods in processes of formation of knowledge and abilities                        PDF
В.В. Нечаев, Г.М. Хохлов
Didactic formalization of modern systems of education: features and models PDF
В.В. Нечаев, В.М. Панченко, А.И. Комаров
Detection and localization of failures of the reserved technical system PDF
А.П. Голік
Logical mathematical design of statistical equilibrium of teletraffic PDF
Г.В. Даниліна
Co-operation of the conflicting informative systems is in the conditions of self-reactance and structural vagueness PDF
Я.В. Милокум