No 26 (2010)


Table of Contents

Theory and methods of signal processing

Volume metric fuel measuring system of the airplane                             PDF
А.П. Козлов, В.О. Хаданович  
The censoring of harmonic signal frequency estimations PDF
І.Г. Прокопенко, І.П. Омельчук, Ю.Д. Чирка  
Design of the delay line in the low frequency domain PDF
Т.Ю. Шкварницька  
Influence of modulation signal waveform on exactness of polarization plane azimuth registration by photopolarimeter. Ideal system PDF
А.В. Скрипец, В.Д. Тронько, М.М. Асанов  
Analysis of the immunity system of satellite communications PDF
Л.М. Щербак, Г.В. Соколовська  

Automatic control system

Error models Inertial Navigation Systems for collision avoidance systems                              PDF
Касем Аббуд Махдi  
Ergonomic analysis of control traffic processes for Tu-154M RA85845 at aircrash in “Irkutsk” airport (3.07.2001) PDF
В.И. Кашматов  
Mobile multi-position navigation and landing radiosystem for local airlines PDF
Я.В. Кондрашов, Т.С. Фиалкина, Д.С. Хоменко  
Kalman filter with a polynomial model of the trajectory in the form of the Lagrange PDF
І.В. Шелевицький, М.Г. Гордєєв, А.І. Кутін, О.Г. Гуйда  
Errors of the satellite system of the automated dependent supervisions are in procedure of determination of location of airplane PDF
В.О. Іванов, О.В. Куленко  

Automated design system

Optimal choice of the devices of observation for unmanned aerial vehicles                   PDF
В.М. Синеглазов, Раад Карим Кадем, А.Н. Мельниченко  
Prediction of the improvement of nanoelectronic device`s properties PDF
О.С. Мельник, О.С. Пономарьов  
Design features of systems for information-measuring devices stabilization PDF
О.А. Сущенко  
The Measuring automated checking of statute of fundamental flags of vibrostands system PDF
В.П. Подольский  

Transport systems

Odometer navigation systems PDF
О.К. Аблесімов, С. Саадатфар  

Mathematical modeling of processes and systems

Silver nanoparticles electromagnetic behavior in a blood vessel                        PDF
A.V. Vishnevsky  
Mental information portrait of a subject of requirement as a modeling of component vital information resource PDF
В.В. Нечаев  
The interface of computer training system PDF
В.Р. Адамов, В.В. Нечаев  
Educational material formatting for educational system that use table-wise educational materials registration PDF
С.П. Борсук  
Reducing mercury hazard facilities in case of destruction in them sources of optical radiation PDF
Т.І. Дмитруха  
Temperature pressure in designs of epoxy-encapsulated electro-acoustic devices PDF
О.І. Дрозденко  
Improvement of activating and dynamic characteristic of short-circuited anisochronous engines PDF
В.О. Повстень, В.І. Курілов, О.М. Черкес  
Mathematical modelling of passage of light in atmosphere PDF
О.О. Качмарчик  
Multipath Routing in Wireless Networks PDF
Ю.А. Кулаков, А.В. Левчук  
The Guidance Simulation of Rotation Solid Body PDF
О.П. Басанец, А.А. Туник  
Using neural network for A HRD Evaluation Method PDF
О.І. Чумаченко, М.П. Михалюк