No 24 (2010)

Table of Contents

Theory and methods of signal processing

Statistical estimate of turbulence influence onto polarization angle change of radiowaves reflected from hydrometeors            PDF
Ю.А. Авер’янова, А.О. Аверьянов, Ф.Й. Яновський
The initial velocity measuring device PDF
А.П. Козлов, М.В. Осипова
Seismic signal reception device PDF
А.П. Козлов, О.Ю. Красноусова
Creating of lighting systems, based on LED-modules using PDF
И.А. Зеленков, Е.Е. Лахтадыр, И.В. Мокров
Calculation of parametres of light exposure of a facade of a building at use of light-emitting diode light devices PDF
І.А. Зеленков, Н.І. Кулик
Analisis of systematic errors in the collision avoidance systems PDF
Касем Аббуд Махди, Ю.М. Барабанов, О.Г. Гуйда, А.М. Негода

Automatic control system

Оptimization of unmanned aerial vehicle robust flight control system with incomplete state vector measurements           PDF
M.M. Komnatska, O.I. Poddubchenko, O.V. Serdyuk
Component analysis of unmanned aerial vehicles PDF
Р.К. Кадем
Peculiarities of Construction of Functionally-Stable Control Systems of Moving Plants PDF
В.Н. Азарсков, В.Р. Косенко, Е.А. Харчевка
Features of parametric optimization for stochastic stabilization and course system PDF
О.А. Сущенко, Д.О. Луцко
Small-sized airborne radio rangefinders of navigation-landing systems of local airlines PDF
Ya.V. Kondrashov, T.S. Fialkina, O.P. Ryabets

Transport systems

Recognition algorithm of movable object with the help of a template using Harris’ detector       PDF
М.П. Мухіна, Н.Ю. Баграновська, Ю.І. Почапська
The method of aircragt landing PDF
В.М. Синєглазов, М.Ф. Тупіцин

Mathematical modeling of processes and systems

Design of electric processes in cardiomyocites of myocardium              PDF
Д.Е. Мельников, Э.Г. Азнакаев
Parametric identification of mathematical models of linear dynamical systems with Caputo derivatives of noninteger order PDF
А.В. Васильев
Approximation-operaing method of analysis of dynamic systems based on local sawtooth basis PDF
А.В. Васильев, В.В. Васильев, Л.А. Симак
Multidimensional tables for data registration in the teaching systems PDF
С.П. Борсук
Mathematic modeling of passing, reflections and absorptions of light stream in the environment Mathematica PDF
О.О. Попова
Methods of assessing the cardiovascular system to select operators PDF
С.Ю. Собова
System analysis processes of multimedia traffic transmission in wireless networks of videoconferencing with high noise immunity PDF
Е.А. Зубарева, Е.В. Шевцова
Development of a database in MS Access environment PDF
О.Б. Іванець, М.В. Дворнік
Develop a program for modeling doses to patients PDF
О.Б. Іванець, Ж.Є. Кондратюк
Creating a process model of techno-economic examination of research projects PDF
В.Д. Кузовик, О.В. Лесюн
The regularity of optimal decisions about compatible using flight and simulator training PDF
О.М. Савінов
Grounds of choice of shell for procedural trainers PDF
В.М. Синеглазов, Д.И. Мусько
Justification performance evaluation training on information technology for industrial purposes PDF
П.М. Павленко, Ю.В. Задонцев, А.О. Хлевний
Аutomated planning of the systems of relay defence PDF
В.М. Синєглазов, О.І. Варченко, О.П. Барановська
Сomparative analysis of classification stamps anomalies in the traffic provider of mobile communication PDF
П.Н. Малюков, Н.Н. Пищаева