No 23 (2010)

Table of Contents

Theory and methods of signal processing

The order of abelian cyclic groups generated by the generalized transformations of Gray         PDF
А.Я. Белецкий, Д.А. Стеценко
А.Я. Белецкий, П.Л. Ткаченко
Program realization of fast Fourier transforms in basis of Vilenkin–Krestenson functions PDF
Д.С. Демьяник
Double-beam photopolarimeter for polarization plane rotation angle registration in turbid media PDF
А.В. Скрипец, В.Д. Тронько, М.М. Асанов
The estimation of harmonic signal parameters on a limited observation interval PDF
І.Г. Прокопенко, І.П. Омельчук, Ю.Д. Чирка, С.В. Мігель

Automatic control system

Automatic system to control special illuminatiuon level of in workrooms and classrooms       PDF
В.М. Синєглазов, М.Ф. Тупіцин, М.А. Прокопчук
Diagnosis of errors for parameter estsmation methods PDF
М.С. Фельзер, О.М. Кравченко
Research of tracking system with non-stabilized drive PDF
О.А. Сущенко, С.П. Маляров, Р.А. Сайфетдінов, Г.Є. Янкелевич

Automated design system

CAD system mathematical model of ctreation development  PDF
В.М. Синеглазов, С.Г. Кеворков, Р.К. Кадем
Digital regulator based on dual-rate sampling PDF
М.С. Фельзер, М.О. Назарчук
Research light distribution light-emitting diode modules PDF
В.О. Шевченко, В.І. Степура

Transport systems

Algorithm of data fusion for visual data and range meter measurements for the problem of simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)              PDF
М.П. Мухіна
Engineer-psychological analysis of quality of visual inspections of avionics of old and new generations PDF
О.О. Тризна

Mathematical modeling of processes and systems

Frequency-spatial representation of mathematical models of energy loss during radiowave propagation                   PDF
В.О. Іванов, В.В. Соколов
Complexion of methods and models in the stable supply estimation task PDF
В.М. Синеглазов, А.Н. Сильвестров, Л.Ю. Спинул, Д.К. Зименков
The comparative analysis of approximating methods of the solution of the nonlinear differential equations PDF
Е.В. Киркач
The geometrical method of fractional real and imaginary order integral definition PDF
Е.Г. Азнакаєв, Д.Е. Азнакаєва
Effectiveness ways of dividing network for zone routing PDF
В.В. Лукашенко, А.В. Левчук
To minimization of average time of access to hieratical memory PDF
В.М. Синеглазов, А.С. Юрченко
The inertial-satellite microelectromechanical gyro-vertical PDF
М.К. Філяшкін, В.О. Рогожин
Using Рetri nets for topological modeling PDF
О.Б. Іванець, О.В. Булигіна, М.В. Дворнік, Ю.Ю. Оникієнко
Development and implementation of the database for medical institution PDF
О.Б. Іванець,, І.А. Владикіна, О.В. Букрєєва
Using Kaplan-Meier method for prediction of cardiovascular PDF
С.Ю. Собова
The development of norms of frequency-territorial separation of digital broadcasting and television of standard T-DAB and DVB-T with thin-route radio relay stations PDF
Л.В. Сібрук, Д.П. Бондаренко
Constructing a mathematical model damping fluid in the tanks of complex design PDF
Ю.М. Кеменяш, А.З. Гайдамака