No 22 (2009)

Table of Contents

Theory and methods of signal processing

Application of PLD’s in electronic equipment                        PDF
А.П. Корчинский, Н.В. Бурцева
The using of Fourier transformation on the plane of the complex variable PDF
В.Р. Берёзовый
Construction functions of spline of fifth degree PDF
М.О. Шутко, В.М. Шутко, О.Ф. Москалець
Integrated invironment for development of digital filter PDF
В.М. Синеглазов, А.С. Юрченко
The boundaries of dichotomous analysis in the study of the prerequisites accident during the flight training of cadets and ways of applying the generalized ratings PDF
Ю.Н. Шмелев, Ю.В. Грищенко, В.Д. Гуленко
The concept of signal transmission in computer networks in contemporary ecological and agricultural practice PDF
О.М. Ключко
Nonparametric filtration of the spoken language signals on the background of acoustic noise PDF
Л.В. Кольченко, Р.Б. Сініцин

Automatic control system

Role and prospects of modern digital industrial networks development for Automatic Process Control Systems              PDF
А.К. Аблесимов, Е.А. Жиляков, А.М. Иванова
The analysis of interaction between the operator and the controlled object in the remote control system PDF
В.И. Кашматов
Suboptimal filtration schemes at inertial satellite control and navigation systems PDF
М.К. Філяшкін, О.М. Дем’янчук
Modern tasks of inertial stabilization for data-measuring system PDF
О.А. Сущенко, А.А. Тунік
Comparative analysis of computer instruments PDF
Г.Е. Соколов
Assess of unstructured dynamic influence by control laws optimization of aerostats PDF
О.О. Абрамович, С.О. Булавкіна, О.І. Надсадна
The method of prediction of unmanned aerial vehicle motion parameetrs PDF
Я.В. Кондрашов, А.K. Арутюнян, И.А. Кравчишин

Automated design system

Gyroscopic frames with unloading system PDF
О.К. Аблесімов
Target-oriented CAD system structure PDF
В.М. Синеглазов, С.Г. Кеворков, Р.К. Кадем

Transport systems

Subsystem of providing of effectiveness and efficiency of the system of exploitation of technical complexes            PDF
М.Ю. Заліський, В.В. Німич, І.М. Яшанов

Mathematical modeling of processes and systems

Implementation of non-integer order integro-differential operators based on exponential type nonuniform long transmission lines                       PDF
В.В. Васильев, Л.А. Симак
Information model of the industrial order PDF
П.М. Павленко, Ю.В. Задонцев, В.В. Трейтяк
Synthesis of log-periodic antenna PDF
Л.Я. Ільницький, О.А. Щербина, К.М. Мацюк
Imitational modeling of synchronously registered cardiosignals on the basis of the vector of rhythmically connected cyclic stochastic processes in cardiodiagnostic tasks PDF
Я.В. Литвиненко, С.А. Лупенко, Н.Р. Дем’янчук, А.С. Сверстюк
Aimed properties of parabolic aerial for satellite television PDF
Л.Я. Ільницький, I.I. Михальчук, С.П. Мартиненко