No 21 (2009)

Table of Contents

Theory and methods of signal processing

Approximation of functional relations and problem of multivariate approximation                          PDF
И.Ф. Бойко, В.В. Турчак
The test of recorders, were constructed based on signal leading through the computer sound card PDF
Г.Е. Соколов
Analysis of methods of quadrature channels combination of Radar systems of selection of moving target indication PDF
Л.Т. Перевезенцев
Estimation of matrices of transitions of periodic markov’s chains PDF
М.В. Приймак, С.Ю. Прошин
Simplification of analysis of electronics circuits by the nullors models PDF
Ю.А. Егоршин
Methods of determination of symbolic images of signals are without the calculations of integrals of Laplace and Fourier PDF
О.Ю. Красноусова, Ю.А. Егоршин
Black level compensation algorithm PDF
А.О. Невгасимий, О.А. Кохан, С.А. Ясенко, Н.В. Бурцева
Images receptors base organizations principles in bionics models and techniks comparison PDF
С.А. Ясенко, Н.В. Бурцева
Rectifier Converters with Pulse-Width-Modulation PDF
Б.Є. П’яних
Use of parallel calculations for calculation of optimum ways of passage of the network traffic PDF
С.В. Полєтаєв

Automatic control system

Parameters of management in model of cardiac muscle                                PDF
Е.Г. Азнакаєв, Д.Є. Мельников
Analysis of oscillograms of flights with the use of tendency algorithms PDF
Ю.В. Грищенко
Optimization of parameters of radar system Moving Target Indication PDF
Л.Т. Перевезенцев
Ways of safety increase the navigation-landing operations of aircrafts PDF
В.И. Кондрашов, М.Н. Ильченко, А.А. Осипчук
Radio and industrial noise effect on accuracy characteristics of aviation navigation-landing radio equipment PDF
В.И. Кондрашов, В.Ю. Форостян, А.А. Осипчук
Features of off-line testing for ground vehicle stabilizer PDF
О.А. Сущенко, С.П. Маляров, Р.А. Сайфетдінов, Г.Є. Янкелевич
Characteristics of the manypositional radio long way measuring aeronavigation system in the mode of the before-landing manoeuvring of aircrafts PDF
Я.В. Кондрашов, Т.С. Фиалкина
Introduction into analysis of optimal interaction between the operator and the object in a remote control system PDF
В.И. Кашматов
Rectifier Converters with equivalent multiplication of phase quantity PDF
Б.Є. П’яних

Mathematical modeling of processes and systems

Decision method for the ordinary differential equations and the equation in partial derivatives by the integrated transformations method                             PDF
Э.Г. Азнакаев, Д.Э. Азнакаева
The analysis of linear dynamic system with variable parameters by operational method based on block-pulse system of basis functions PDF
В.В. Васильев, Е.В. Киркач
Methodological approaches to develop computerized systems decision PDF
О.Б. Іванець, І.В. Морозова
The adaptive systems’ of data compression analysis PDF
Ю.Ю. Іляш, В.О. Горелов
Numerical modeling fuzzy graphs in the register of quantum processor of control systems PDF
О.А. Пастух
The generalised indicator of quality of radio-electronic systems PDF
В.О. Іванов, О.В. Куленко
Gamershteyn model nonlinear identification by criteria Puhov–Hatiashvily PDF
В.М. Синєглазов, А.М. Сільвестров, Л.Ю. Спінул, В.В. Піксотов
Brain images in information systems for neurosurgery and neurophysiology PDF
О.М. Ключко