No 20 (2009)


Table of Contents

Theory and methods of signal processing

Radiation field of E-plane sectoral horn                PDF
Л.Я. Ільницький, В.С. Сак  
The on-board system reliability estimate on the base of DN-distribution PDF
А.А. Зеленков, А.П. Голик  
Code division RF system optimization PDF
В.О. Ведута  
Measuring device of shock pressure in the closed volume PDF
А.П. Козлов, О.К. Горбач  
Apply eye patterns for research of digital signals PDF
О.П. Ткалич, А.А. Дятлов, Р.А. Мамаев, Д.Ю. Нечай  
Some methodological aspects of estimation effectiveness of medical interferention PDF
В.Д. Кузовик, Л.А. Кошевая  
Diagnosing and reconfiguration of the functional superfluous systems by digital signals PDF
Я.М. Аль Шаро, В.В. Захаренков, В.А. Игнатов, С.А. Кудренко  
Some methods of the analysis and speech signals processing PDF
О.Д. Любімов, В.М. Сігнаєвський  
Using of databases with images with the aim of pathological changes diagnostic in organism tissues PDF
О.М. Ключко  
Suboptimal frequency estimations of a harmonious signal stability to a pulse interference PDF
І.Г. Прокопенко, І.П. Омельчук, Г.Є. Соколов  
Method of sequential evaluation of shiftstate closeness of probability distribution PDF
М.Ю. Заліський, О.В. Соломенцев  
Efficiency of procedures of expert evaluation PDF
М.Ю. Заліський, І.М. Яшанов  
Possibilities of exactness increase of mechanical sizes measuring of co-ordinate by the measuring system PDF
В.П. Квасніков  

Automatic control system

Analysis of constructive parameters influence on CS stability using D-decomposition method               PDF
А.К. Аблесимов, А.В. Сенькович  
Algorithm of work of the combined system of steering management PDF
М.К. Філяшкін, О.П. Бадзим  
Algorithm of adaptive control system for UAV’s lateral motion control at exit stage on specified way line PDF
М.К. Філяшкін, А.А. Закордонець  
The informational and measuring system for monitoring of electric power parameters of industrial WPP PDF
П.Ф. Васько, Б.А. Кромпляс, О.І. Даниленко, В.В. Долюк, В.П. Карєв  
Automation of processes of topographical binding of mobile objects PDF
О.К. Аблесімов, О.М. Дьяконова  
Application of LabVIEW in the simulator electrocardiosignals PDF
М.Ю. Буриченко, О.А. Сущенко, О.В. Живолуп  
Formalized method of the multiobjective syntheses of the technical systems PDF
І.М. Ратніков  

Automated design system

The analysis of modern methods and facilities of airfield lighting equipment automatic monitoring              PDF
Г.О. Павлюк  

Mathematical modeling of processes and systems

Synthesis of the block circuit of a measuring instrument of parameters of operation mode of symmetric lines                PDF
Л.Я. Ильницкий, Л.В. Сибрук, В.Т. Богатир  
Analytical approximation of the light’s force sily curves in environment of system Mathematica® PDF
О.А. Попова  
Numerical modeling of multiply fuzzy numbers on the base of quantum processor PDF
О.А. Пастух  
Model of infra-red traffic PDF
А.С. Дуднік, М.В. Варганич, О.М. Березовський