No 19 (2009)


Table of Contents

Theory and methods of signal processing

Algorithm of treatment of data given during metrology attestation of facilities        PDF
А.К. Зюзько, М.Ю. Буриченко, Ю.В. Петрова, В.В. Нимыч  
Identification of systems PDF
И.Ф. Бойко, В.В. Турчак  
Research of descriptions of signals properties of laser rate sensor with forward receiving of the scattered radiation PDF
М.П. Дивнич, О.М. Тимченко  
About one мethod of sequential evaluation PDF
М.Ю. Заліський, О.В. Соломенцев  
Features of certification tests of ultrasonic washings devices PDF
Л.Я. Ільницький, Х.О. Маєвська, О.А. Басанський  
The quasioptimal valuation of harmonic signal frequency on a limited observation interval PDF
І.Г. Прокопенко, І.П. Омельчук  
Using crystal detector to detect radar signals and measuring range PDF
S.H. Yahya  
Testing digital 1/n-octave analyzers of signals PDF
Н.А. Миронов  
The test of oscilloscopes, were constructed based on signal leading through the computer sound card PDF
Г.Е. Соколов  
Brain elements of different levels of organization as material for electronic databases with images PDF
О.М. Ключко  
Conditions of electromagnetic compatibility ensuring inside group of radioelectronic systems PDF
В.О. Іванов, Л.В. Сібрук, О.В. Куленко  
Мathematical modeling of voltage-controlled oscillators with the colpitts and clapp topology PDF
V.V. Ulansky, M.S. Fituri, I.A. Machalin  
Complex processing of navigation information by combined using method of error compensation and maximum likelihood estimation PDF
В.О. Рогожин, Хоан Ань Туан, Ю.А. Друк  

Automatic control system

The adjusting devices for automatic control systems   PDF
А.К. Аблесимов  
Development of the automatic device for measurement of superficial properties of substances PDF
І.Є. Овчар  

Automated design system

Automation measurings parameters of ultrawave radio receivers    PDF
Л.Я. Ільницький, О.В. Хомяк  
Robust parametrical optimization of system for stabilization and course determination PDF
О.А. Сущенко  
Limited optimal control problem PDF
М.С. Фельзер  
Robust optimization of multivariable control system of uav lateral motion via genetic algorithms PDF
M.A. Touat  

Transport systems

Features of choice of structural parameters of electrodynamic reduction unit taking into account different modes of exploitation       PDF
Т.А. Мазур  

Mathematical modeling of processes and systems

Integrated complex of monitoring and training for arc welding   PDF
В.В. Васильев, О.С. Воронова, А.Ф. Зыков, А.И. Левина, А.И. Баранов  
Algorithm of definition of characteristics of movement of a vehicle with the help of the videocamera PDF
Н.Ф. Тупицин  
Accuracy estimate of stabilization process in the automatic landing and the running take-off modes PDF
А.А. Зеленков, А.П. Голик