No 18 (2008)

Table of Contents

Theory and methods of signal processing

The flexible schedule of base subkeys forming into symmetric block RSB cryptoalgorithm PDF
А.А. Белецкий
Methods of antiphase optical filtration of coherently optical transformer PDF
В.М. Землянский
Antiphase symmetric space filter synthesis for defferential scheme COT PDF
В.М. Землянский, А.П. Чудесов
The statistic common cardiosignals’ analysis on the basis of vector of cyclic rhythmically connected stochastic processes PDF
С.А. Лупенко, Я.В. Литвиненко, А.С. Сверстюк
Interlineation and optimal by order of exactness formula of the evaluating of two dimensions of Fourier’s coefficients PDF
О.М. Литвин, О.П. Нечуйвітер
The test of generators, were constructed based on signal, leaving through the computer sound card PDF
Г.Е. Соколов
Algorithms estimation of modulation factor of radar-tracking signals in landing systems and navigation PDF
И.Г. Прокопенко, А.А. Осипчук
Method of development of databases with characteristics of brain structure elements and their analysis PDF
О.М. Ключко
A spline-approximation of temporal sequences with analytical connection between their determined bases PDF
І.Б. Ніколенко, В.М. Шутко
Research of statistical criteria efficiency in tasks of biomedical data processing PDF
И.Г. Прокопенко, А.И. Чурина
Synthesis of polynomials decisions rules noise by a moments criterion as neyman-pyrson of signals detection on a background non-gaussisan for verification of statistical hypotheses PDF
Ю.Г. Лега, В.В. Палагин, С.А. Лелеко

Automatic control system

Application of quasi-object control systems by angular position of airplane for the translation of airplane from horizontal flight in a glide slope approach PDF
В.И. Кашматов
Тhe synthesis of the robust flight control with simplified structure for small uav under action of turbulent wind PDF
K.V. Melnik, I.O. Kharchevka, O.V. Savchenko
Full model of the gimballed stabilization and course system PDF
О.А. Сущенко,, Д.О. Луцко

Automated design system

Student’s knowledge level identification          PDF
С.П. Борсук, С.І. Ільницька
Determinition of initial parameter values for identification of state space model PDF
А.М. Кліпа, А.А. Тунік
Defining of objects and their parameters at electronic map PDF
С.И. Ильницкая, С.П. Борсук

Mathematical modeling of processes and systems

Spreadsheet analogue of flow optimization problems electronic models PDF
В.В. Васильєв, О.Г. Додонов, А.І. Кузьмичов
Geometric simulation of energy nonharmonic periodic processes in controlled radio technical circuits and systems PDF
М.Н. Горбачев, Л.Ю. Горбачева
The planning of dynamic processes by MS Excel optimization tools PDF
А.І. Кузьмичов
Research of characteristics of sensor of critical deformationof elements of airplanes construction PDF
А.П. Козлов, Г.Г. Вальденмайєр
Use of planetary system of transfers in the low-power wind-energy station PDF
П.С. Соченко, В.А. Луценко
Wind power station with the concentrator of wind energy PDF
П.С. Соченко, М.В. Тригуб, А.А. Маєвський
Electrical model of insulation high voltage X-ray generator PDF
С.И. Мирошниченко, Ю.А. Щиголев