No 42 (2014)

No 42 (2014)


Table of Contents

Theory and methods of signal processing

Wideband copula ambiguity function in radar and navigation systems PDF
R. B. Sinitsyn, F. J. Yanovsky 11-17
Method of measuring of angular orientation parameters in micromechanical inertial-satellite navigation systems PDF
M. K. Filyashkin 18-24
Optimal suppression of an electromagnetic interference effect on an acceleration measuring device PDF
S. I. Osadchy, V. A. Zozulya 25-29

Automatic control system

Vibration damping for the problems of aircraft motion PDF
V. N. Azarskov, D. D. Gristchak 30-34
Stability borders and regions of stabilization systems of inertial control objects PDF
A. K. Ablesimov, L. V. Bardon 35-38
Comparison of the covariance analysis results of the quest and the triad methods PDF
L. M. Ryzhkov, D. I. Stepurenko 39-44
Analysis of matrix algorithm of attitude determination PDF
L. M. Ryzhkov, M. V. Ozhog 45-49
Features of automatic flight control system of uav with vortex-active wing PDF
E. P. Udartsev, S. I. Alekseenko, A. I. Sattarov 50-56
A new pattern of development of the doppler effect in a coherent geometry of the multi-wave sensing and receiving laser radiation PDF
V. M. Zemljanskij, М. О. Gusiev 57-61
Design of two-degree-of-freedom system for control by inertially stabilized platform PDF
O. A. Sushchenko 62-69
Design of digital longitudinal autopilots based on l1-optimization approach PDF
L. S. Zhiteckii, K. V. Melnyk, A. Yu. Pilchevsky, I. R. Kvasha 70-78
Shock resistance of differential type ring-like resonator vibratory gyroscope PDF
V. V. Chikovani, H. V. Tsiruk 79-83
Extremality of control and preferences distributions “goodness” PDF
A. V. Goncharenko 85-90

Automated design system

Features of hybrid neural networks use with input data of different types PDF
E. I. Chumachenko, D. Yu. Koval, G. A. Sipakov, D. D. Shevchuk 91-97
Algorithmic software of the fire monitoring system PDF
V. M. Syneglazov, V. L. Kupriyanchyk, I. A. Stepanenko 98-102
Navigation systems based on global system for mobile communications PDF
V. M. Sineglazov, S. S. Shildskyi 103-111
Imitation modeling of express system of grain quality parameters determination PDF
V. M. Sineglazov, O. S. Halatenko 112-115

Mathematical modeling of processes and systems

Generators of pseudo random sequences of galois PDF
A. Ya. Beletsky, E. A. Beletsky 116-127
Reliability model of air navigation system operator PDF
O. V. Kozhokhina, V. M. Gribov, S. I. Rudas 128-134
The set of program models for ecological monitoring technical system based on principles of biophysics PDF
O. M. Klyuchko, V. N. Shutko, D. O. Navrotskyi, A. A. Mikolushko 135-142
Approximation of structure of decision of hydrodynamic’s equations in cyclone PDF
K. S. Bovsunovska 143-145
Algorithms of selection of essential features of signals, which are invariant to move and rotation PDF
G. V. Kit 146-149
Wys and methods of efficiency increasing of the independent automated test systems of radio-electronic devices PDF
M. K. Zherdev, B. P. Kredentser, V. V. Kuzavkov 150-154

ISSN: 1990-5548