Short Runway Landing Automation

UDC 629.735.05(045) DOI:10.18372/1990-5548.66.15231
M. K. Filyashkin, M. V. Sidorenko Short Runway Landing Automation // Electronics and Control Systems, N 4(66) – Kyiv, NAU: Osvita Ukrainy, 2020. – pp. 51–56.
The issues of automation of aircraft landing control on a short runway are considered. A scheme for constructing an approach tract along a steeper glide path and with a touchdown point located at the very beginning of the runway is proposed, which makes it possible to reduce the length of the air section and the required length of the runway. Formulas are proposed for recalculating the glide path holding parameters for the implementation of automatic control of the descent and landing of the aircraft. To reduce the size of the landing zone, it is proposed to construct a landing trajectory according to the method of controlling the final state during landing along a flexible trajectory. The principles of constructing systems for automatic control of aircraft landing based on algorithms with a predictive model with a gradual approach to the forecast horizon are considered.
Index Terms—Runway length; short runways; landing point; short take-off and landing aircraft; steep glide path; forecasting; predictive model; optimal control.
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