NO 65 (2020)

Table of Contents


Formation of a Learning Set for the Task of Image Processing PDF 
Chumachenko O. I., Kot A. T. 9-17
Probabilistic Method of Acceptance Control of the Fifth-level Automatic Driving System under
Nonhomogeneous Operating Conditions
Krasnousova O. Yu. 18-21
Transition Process Regulator of Self-organizing Aviation Engine Control System PDF 
Tovkach S. S. 22-30
Short Circuit Protection Efficiency Increase in Ship Electric Power Systems PDF
Lukovtsev V. S., Tierielnyk S. A. 31-38
Interrelation Acoustic Energy with the Composite Deformation Speed at its Destruction by Von Mises Criterion PDF 
Filonenko S. F., Stakhova A. P. 39-45
Recognition of Text Phrases Distorted by Interference by Back Propagation Neural Network PDF 
Kucherov D. P., Tkachenko V. G., Kashkevych I.-F. F., Androshchuk A. O., Perepelitsyn S. O. 45-64
Detection of Anomalies in the Info-communication System Using the Informative Sequence Method PDF 
Shefer О. V., Halai V. M., Shefer V. O., Mykhailenko O. V. 55-61
Features of Modelling Stabilization Digital System of Ground Vehicle Equipment PDF 
Sushchenko O. A., Salyuk A. A., Yehorov S. H. 62-71
Control of Three-phase Three-leg Inverter with Using a Geometric Approach PDF 
Yama O. S., Mykolaiets D. A. 72-78
Two Simplified Models of Early Sound Reflections in a Room PDF 
Prodeus A. M., Didkovska M. V., Kukharicheva K. A., Motorniuk D. E. 79-87
Study of the Dynamics of Automatic Control Loops of Heavy Quadcopter PDF 
Filyashkin M. K. 88-92
Simulation Model of Aircraft Operational Maintenance Process in Failure Situations PDF 
Shevchuk D. O., Medynskyi D. V. 93-99
Requirements for Articles PDF