NO 64 (2020)

Table of Contents


Mathematical Model of the Immune System of Continuous Interaction System Operator PDF 
Aralova N. I., Klyuchko O. M., Mashkin V. I., Mashkina I. V. 9-16
Information Systems with Chemosensitive Detectors for Environment Protection PDF 
Shutko V. N., Zakhmatov V. D., Kolganova O. O., Navrotskyi D. A., Mykolushko A. N. 17-23
Algorithm of Hybrid GMDH Network Construction for Time Series Forecast PDF 
Chumachenko O. I., Kot A. T., Mandrenko А. E. 24-31
Intelegence Diagnostic System of Liver Fibrosis Stages PDF
Sineglazov V. M., Shevchenko M. V., Kot A. T. 32-40
Comparison of time Domain Step Counting Method for Pedestrian Dead Reckoning PDF 
Mukhina M. P., Ilnytska S. I., Lazarevskyi O. A. 41-46
Hyperboloid Parameterization Using in the Moving Object Position and Trajectory Determination PDF 
Bidyuk P. I., Manuylenko R. I., Pantyeyev R. L., Opanasiuk Yu. A. 47-52
Improving the Integration of Three-dimensional Models in Augmented Reality Technology PDF 
Bezpalko O. S. 53-60
Hybrid Neural Network Optimization System Based on Ant Algorithms PDF 
Sineglazov V. M., Chumachenko O. I., Omelchenko D. M. 61-67
Hybrid Energy Storage System Design PDF 
Sineglazov V. M., Yudenko I. O. 68-73
Applied a Conditions of Smoothness of Causal Relationships in the Problem of Constructing of Mathematical Models PDF 
Silvestrov A. M., Spinul L. Yu., Serdiuk A. A. 74-79
Automated Design of Autonomous Vector Measuring Instruments PDF 
Sushchenko O. A., Golytsin V. O., Salyuk A. A., Yehorov S. H. 80-86
Assesment of the Flight Quality in Vertical Plane PDF 
Hryshchenko Y. V., Pavlova S. V., Pipa D. M., Kravets I. V. 87-92
Rotationally-Catapult System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Take-off and Landing PDF 
Tupitsin M. F., Stepanenko I. O. 93-98
Requirements for Articles PDF 
Publisher’s imprint PDF