NO 63 (2020)

Table of Contents



Computer Tomography Images Quality Assessment PDF 
Kerneshel V. V., Ivanets O. B., Melnykov О. V. 9-15
Adaptive Modeling and Forecasting of Nonlinear Nonstationary Processes PDF 
Bidyuk P. I., Sineglazov V. M. 16-31
Hybrid Neuron Networks Based on Radial Basis Network with Different Radial Basis Function PDF 
Chumachenko O. I., Dychko S. T., Rizhiy А. R. 32-36
Two-level System for Tuning Parameters of Artificial Neural Networks PDF
Chumachenko O. I., Shymkov S. V., Kot A. T. 37-45
Maximum Power Point Tracking for Photo Modules PDF 
Sineglazov V. M., Karabetsky D. P., Klanovets O. V. 46-52
Cartesian Vector Direction Cosines as the Multi-optional Hybrid Functions Optimal Distribution PDF 
Goncharenko A. V. 53-57
The Automatic System of Lighting Control in Residential Buildings PDF 
Vasylenko M. P., Saponiuk I. Yu. 58-63
PID-controller Synthesis Software for the Stabilization System of the Inertial Control Object PDF 
Ablesimov A. K., Pylypenko M. A., Zhmurchyk Т. P. 64-68
Automation of Early Design Phases for Inertially Stabilized Platforms PDF 
Sushchenko O. A. 69-75
Adaptive High Speed Measuring Converter of Average Voltage Values PDF 
Sergeyev I. Yu. 76-80
Noise Method for Assessing the Parameters of Cardiac Activity PDF 
Shevchenko K. L., Levytskii S. A., Shtefura Yu. V. 81-85
Operational Reliability Management of the Reserved Electronic System PDF 
Taranenko A.G., Gabrousenko Ye.I., Holubnychyi A.G., Lavrynenko O.Yu. 86-91
Protected Voice Control System оf Unmanned Aerial Vehicle PDF 
Lavrynenko O. Y., Konakhovych G. F., Bakhtiiarov D. I. 92-98
Particle Filtering Technique for Aircraft Control in Highly-disturbed GPS-Denied Environment PDF 
Mukhina M. P., Filyashkin M. K., Kazak V. M., Shevchuk D. O. 99-107
Implementation Prospects of the Remote Tower Concept in Ukraine PDF 
Kredentsar S. M., Yastrub M. I. 108-115
Computer-aided Design at the Stage of the Technical Appearance Analysis of Aerospace Plane PDF 
Brykalov A. V. 116-121
Requirements for Articles PDF 
Publisher’s imprint PDF