Synthesis of Majority Single-Electron Nanodevices with Memory

UDC 621.382.3(045) DOI:10.18372/1990-5548.61.14218

O. S. Melnyk, Y. V. Poliakov. Synthesis of Majority Single-Electron Nanodevices with Memory // Electronics and Control Systems, N 3(61) – Kyiv: NAU, 2019. – pp. 36–42.
The paper describes the synthesis of reliable sequential nanodevices based on the single-electronics technology of quantum cellular automata. When constructing majority nanocircuits with memory, the theory of finite automata is used. The order of computer design of different types of arithmetic and logic nano-devices is analyzed. Fundamentals of large-logical arithmetic nanocircuit based on multi-narrative selection of unique trigger majority of components on the basis of quantum cellular automata. This creates the preconditions for adaptive implementation of these nanoscales in modern computerized telecommunication systems.

Index Terms—majority element; sequential nanodevices; quantum automata; one-electronics; computer aided design.

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