Computer-Aided Design of Hybrid Power Systems of Ukraine

UDC 004.8(045) DOI:10.18372/1990-5548.61.14219

V. M. Sineglazov, A. T. Kot. Computer-Aided Design of Hybrid Power Systems of Ukraine // Electronics and Control Systems, N 3(61) – Kyiv: NAU, 2019. – pp. 43–49.

It is shown that the problem of hybrid power systems creation is very important for Ukraine. The high quality of this problem solution can be achieved with help of computer-aided design systems. It is considered the modern. computer-aided design systems and executed their analysis. It is shown that they have some disadvantages. To overcome them it is developed a new hybrid genetic algorithm of unconditional multicriteria optimization, which is based on a new approach of equivalent transformation of conditional optimization problem into unconditional with further “curering” the Pareto optimal points which are located outside of area formed by restrictions. It is considered the examples of computer-aided design of hybrid power systems for different regions of Ukraine.

Index Terms—hybrid renewable energy system; computer-aided design; genetic algorithm.

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