Modelling of Robust Inertially Stabilized Platforms

UDC 629.7.05(045) DOI:10.18372/1990-5548.60.13817
O. A. Sushchenko. Modelling of Robust Inertially Stabilized Platforms, N 2(60) – Kyiv: NAU, 2019. – pp. 70–76.
The article focuses on problems of development of the robust systems for control of platforms motion. The main goal is to consider structure and features of data ware, hardware, and software necessary for the efficient modelling of inertially stabilized platforms with payload assigned for operation on moving vehicles of the wide class. To solve this problem methods of robust parametrical optimization and robust structural synthesis are used. The proposed approaches to modelling of inertially stabilized platforms are based on MATLAB. The analysis of appropriate software tools is represented. The advantages of MATLAB are described. The basic stages of the robust control system modelling are given. The list of models necessary for the design of the robust inertially platforms is represented. The model of the stabilization plant was developed. The model includes models of the actuator and the measuring system. The basic features of modelling of the robust inertially stabilized platforms are given. The results of modelling are shown. The results have been obtained in conditions of parametrical uncertainty. The presented example was based on the inertially stabilized platform assigned for the ground moving vehicle operated in difficult conditions of the real operation accompanied with parametrical disturbances. Proposed ways to modelling of inertially stabilized platforms allow us to decrease time and cost losses of design. The presented results can be useful for inertially stabilized platforms operated on moving objects of the wide class.
Index Terms—Inertially stabilized platforms; modelling; robustness; Simulink; stabilization.
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