Majority Nano-Devices of Sequential Type

UDC 621.382.3 (045) DOI:10.18372/1990-5548.60.13810
O. S. Melnyk, D. G. Milke. Majority Nano-Devices of Sequential Type // Electronics and Control Systems, N 2(60) – Kyiv: NAU, 2019. – pp. 23–29.
The paper describes the computer-aided design of reliable sequential nanoscale devices with majority structures. When constructing majority nanocircuits on the basis of technology of cellular quantum automates, the theory of finite automata is used. Basic principles of construction and peculiarities of trigger nanoelements functioning are considered. The developed mathematical models of high-speed one-electron nanocounters of addition and subtraction. Quantum cellular automata logic designers and circuits require a fast and accurate modeling and design tool to determine the functionality of quantum cellular automata circuits. The QCADesigner (software) gives the designer the ability to quickly develop and create quantum cellular automata by providing a wide range of computer-aided design tools. In addition, several simulation engines facilitate quick and accurate modeling. Sequential nanoscale devices were created using the QCADesigner.
Index Terms—Majority element; sequential nanodevices; quantum automata; one-electronics; computer aided design.
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