NO 57 (2018)


O. O. Chuzha, V. G. Romanenko 11-17
Radio Electronic Equipment Failures Model PDF 
V. Solomentsev, M. Yu. Zaliskyi, T. S. Herasymenko 18-23
Intelligent System of Diagnostics of Thyroid Gland Pathology PDF 
O. I. Chumachenko, A. T. Kot, О. O. Voitiuk. 24-27
Inertial Navigation Accuracy and Accelerometers with Damping PDF
A. Ivanov, Y. A. Opanasiuk. 28-32
High-Precision Onboard Fuel Level Control and Measurement System PDF 
A. Y. Kozyuk, A. P. Kozlov. 33-38
Suggestions to the Methods for Assessing the Quality of the Glide Path Entrance PDF 
V. Hryshchenko, V. G. Romanenko, D. M. Pipa. 39-45
Nonlinear Robust Control System for Stabilization of Marine Vehicles PDF 
L. Timchenko, D. O. Lebedev. 46-53
Wireless Solar Power Plant Monitoring System PDF 
M. Sineglazov, E. V. Daskal. 54-58
Parametrical Synthesis of Robust System for Stabilization of Aircraft Equipment PDF 
A. Sushchenko, S. D. Yehorov. 59-63
Achievements in the Field of Creation Solar Power Station (analytical review) PDF 
I. Yu. Sergeyev, O. B. Protsenko 64-68
Information System for Measurement, Transmission and Processing of Parameters of Hybrid Power Plants PDF 
V. M. Sineglazov, V. О. Kopaniev. 69-73
Structural Synthesis of Hybrid Neural Networks Ensembles  PDF 
V. M. Sineglazov, O. I. Chumachenko, O. R. Bedukha. 74-79
Multifunctional Robotic Complex Based on a Single-Board Computer PDF 
A. P. Kozlov, R. L. Pantyeyev. 80-84
Adaptive Testing System Based on the Fuzzy Logic PDF 
P. Vasylenko, I. S. Karpyuk. 85-91
Experimental Checking of Gas-Dynamic Method of UAV Landing PDF 
N. F. Tupitsin, H. O. Massalova 92-98
Comparison of Numeric Properties of Objects of Different Data Domains in Relational Databases PDF 
E. Klochan, A. Al-Ammouri, V. K. Subbotyna, O. P. Palchik, M. M. Dekhtiar 99-105
Оn Mathematical Modeling of (Nano) Technologies Related to Navigation Problems on the Base PDF 
N. M. Glazunov. 106-113
Investigation of Blood Flow on the Input of Aorta PDF 
Eu. A. Nastenko. 114-119
Computer-Aided Design of Fixed Wing UAV Path Tracking System PDF 
A. Tunik, M. O. Lavanova 120-125
Multicriteria Optimization Problem Statement in Electric Power Industry PDF 
O. Y. Churina. 126-132
Ensuring the Safe Landing of the Quadrocopter in an Accident PDF 
B. Ya. Blagitko, Yu. S. Mochulsky. 142-147