Suboptimal filtration schemes at inertial satellite control and navigation systems


М.К. Філяшкін, О.М. Дем’янчук


 It was performed analysis of Kalman’s filtration usage and also it was shown definite difficulties of its practical realization on a board of aircraft, especially during the integration of satellite systems with unplatformed inertial navigation systems. It was suggested to use schemes of completing on the base of the compensation ones, which are uncritical to unstationary random processes and which have better speed of response. The dynamic filter of the third degree with removable structure was developed for compensation scheme and during this  researching this filter showed  the properties, which are not worse as optimal Kalman’s filtration.


калманівська фільтрація; динамічний фільтр; схема компенсації; комплексна обробка інформації; оптимальна фільтрація


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