Nonparametric filtration of the spoken language signals on the background of acoustic noise

Л.В. Кольченко, Р.Б. Сініцин


 Work is devoted to important topic of acoustic signals processing in a pilot’s cabin of aircraft in which the high noise level is observed. First of all the kernel estimate of the cumulative distribution function was done. The signal was transformed using the estimate of the cumulative distribution function as a functional transform. At the second stage the new procedure of the adaptive filtration has been offered. Results are confirmed by experimental processing of spoken language signals.


непараметрична фільтрація; мовні сигнали; ядерна оцінка; копула


Sinitsyn R. B. Nonparametric method for estimating the spoken language sound multivariate probability density function / R. B. Sinitsyn, L. V. Kolchenko, J. M. Bokal, O. V. Zaets, A. A. Tkachuk // Kyiv, Proc. NAU. – 2006. – №3. – P. 17 – 20.

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