Automatic System for UAV Identification in Multi-position Sound Monitoring Systems

UDC 621.396.551.553(045) DOI:10.18372/1990-5548.66.15227
V. M. Sineglazov. ORCID 0000-0002-3297-9060, R. L. Pantyeyev , O. V. Balov. Automatic System for UAV Identification in Multi-position Sound Monitoring Systems // Electronics and Control Systems, N 4(66) – Kyiv, NAU: Osvita Ukrainy, 2020. – pp. 24–31.
The paper deals with methods and algorithms for increasing the accuracy of unmanned aerial vehicle identification. Accumulation of data on radiation parameters during the session of observation of an object allows to make continuous specification of the made decisions by the set moment of the end of a session of observation the reliability of its identification would be sufficient for acceptance of necessary prompt actions. If to consider a problem of identification taking into account the specified specifics, then in its structure it is necessary to allocate several stages of decision-making depending on volume available for the considered moment of observation of data, conditions of their receiving and processing by the technical means of the information-measuring system. Observation system and control of objects of a sound emission represent difficult sound engineering complexes in which work not only equipment rooms and software, the knowledge base and data, but also intellectual resources of experts are involved. Decisions of different levels in such systems are made not only automatically technical means on the basis of formal algorithms, but also operators, on the basis of the and borrowed experience. Taking into account it is necessary to consider, both bases of creation of formal algorithms of decision-making, and feature of decision-making by the expert for the purpose of clarification of conditions of ensuring the maximum reliability of identification.
Index Terms—Sound location; unmanned aerial vehicle; identification; coordinates calculation; delay time; iteration process; measurement accuracy; sound parameters.
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