Automated System for Discharging Fire-extinguishing Liquid from a Firefighter's Plane

UDC 629.735.052.5(045) DOI:10.18372/1990-5548.66.15232
Yu. M. Kemenyash, V. O. Gavrilenko Automated System for Discharging Fire-extinguishing Liquid from a Firefighter’s Plane // Electronics and Control Systems, N 4(66) – Kyiv, NAU: Osvita Ukrainy, 2020. – pp. 57–61.
The developed automated system of discharge of fire-extinguishing liquid from the firefighter’s plane has a number of advantages, namely due to automation and more exact hit of fire-extinguishing liquid in a fire zone at zero visibility. It includes a sighting and navigation complex, which provides automatic determination of the fire zone, accurate sighting of liquid and a control system for opening tanks. The liquid discharge process is fully automated due to the implementation of the control algorithm for calculating the delay time, the discharge command taking into account the height, wind and ballistics of the discharged fluid, automating the decision on the number of open tanks. An algorithm for the process of discharging fire-extinguishing liquid for the rational use of aircraft in firefighting has been developed.
Index Terms—Sighting and navigation complex; liquid discharge; tanks.
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