Аbout Algorithms of Target Positioning

UDC 629.3.025.2(045) DOI:10.18372/1990-5548.66.15230
L. M. Ryzhkov, O. A. Sushchenko. About Algorithms of Target Positioning // Electronics and Control Systems, N 4(66) – Kyiv, NAU: Osvita Ukrainy, 2020. – pp. 38–44.
The article deals with the problem of determining the coordinates of the location of the target based on using some lines-of-sight by means of antennas mounted on unmanned aerial vehicles. Algorithms for target positioning using an unmanned aerial vehicle are proposed. The proposed algorithms require knowledge of the coordinates of several positions of the unmanned aerial vehicle. For solving the problem, the least-squares technique is used. Some ways of solving the problem are considered. In the first case, the algorithms assume finding several lines of sight of the target. Further, either a geometric or an analytical method for solving the problem is used. In the second case, the algorithm assumes measuring the distances from the vehicle to the target. The tasks are solved in vector and vector-matrix form. The results of simulation are presented, confirming the effectiveness of the proposed algorithms. The obtained results can be useful for both civilian and special areas of application.
Index Terms—Algorithm; analytical and geometrical solutions; line-of-sight; positioning target; unmanned aerial vehicles.
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